Private Lessons Calendars for 2017 Chicago Mini Tango Festival

Please select instructor with whom you wish to have the private lesson then check for availability in the calendar.

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Cost of Private Lessons per hour:

Cristian Palomo & Melisa Sacchi teaching together: $160
Alicia Pons & Daniel Arias teaching together: $160
Alicia Pons teaching alone: $120
Daniel Arias teaching alone: $100
Maximiliano Cristiani & Jesica Arfenoni teaching together: $160
Jesica Arfenoni teaching alone: $130 individual class / $100 couple class
Maximiliano Cristiani teaching alone: $130 individual class / $100 couple class
Nelida "Nely" Fernando & Hernan Alvarez Prieto teaching together: $130
Nelida "Nely" Fernando teaching alone (bring a partner): $100
Hernan Alvarez Prieto teaching alone: $100
Pablo Rodriquez & Eva Garlez teaching together: $140
Pablo Rodriquez teaching alone: $100
Eva Garlez teaching alone: $100

Privates scheduled during the Festival on Thursday, April 20 through Sunday, April 23, 2017 will be held in a designated room at the Rosemont Hilton.
Privates scheduled either before Thursday, April 20 or after Sunday, April 23 will be held at other designated locations in the Chicago area that will be communicated to you in your e-mail confirmation.